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About Me

A Chicago Native, creative, and love finding beauty in every detail.

I traded in my social work career to follow my passion for makeup artistry in 2014. As a painter, I quickly proved myself in a super-competive industry in the TV/Fim, and Bridal Industry. 

Hometown Chicago, was where I birth of my Luxury Beauty Service Business. From my customer service skills  to makeup artistry , I’ve honed my  beauty skills and business towards production campaigns, High-end weddings, and partnering with cosmetics brands, I been able to learn from some of the most amazing artists in the world.

Since opening my Luxury business in 2016, I’ve learned from some of the industry’s best to include: Bobby Brown, AJCrimson, Yaneeke, Reggie Wells, and more. Also, I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to travel for my clients access the US and North America for branding, production campaigns, and destinations weddings.

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